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Testimonial 1

I live in the greater Manchester area of the UK and around 6years ago I underwent an operation for a hernia which went horribly wrong due to the negligence of one of the doctors. After much deliberation and advice I decided to make a claim for compensation as my life had changed beyond recognition for the worse.

Eventually I sort legal counsel and around 5years later my claim was settled and I had the support of carers and a good support package however carers left and at the same time I begun to have difficulties with my case manager. I did not know which way to turn for help until I happened upon the CLINICAL NEGLEGENCE GROUP who I contacted for help. I can honestly say that they were instrumental in helping me to find the appropriate support in my part of the country including with a new case manager who I get along with very well and who actually provided my carers themselves which I think is fantastic.

I used C.N.G as a gateway to find specialists that I needed and also they helped me to contact them to arrange for them to come and see me at my home.

I know that C.N.G is the only resource like it on the internet at the moment and thank goodness for that as I now enjoy a happy life with a good package of support thanks to the CLINICL NEGLEGENCE GROUP.

David from Manchester

Testimonial 2

My name is Sam and I live in the greater London area of the UK. After having my third child I experienced complications during my birth which has left me with extreme back pains and difficulties walking. I tried to find someone in my area who could help me however all I found was people who were more interested in money than with me so I took to the internet to try to find an organisation who could help me.

I eventually found the CLINICAL NEGLEGENCE GROUP who was fantastic and right from the start they helped me to find therapists who could help me with my condition. I now have regular physio to help me with my walking difficulties and a chiropractor who helps to reduce pain in my back through weekly treatment sessions. I felt compelled to write this as I would like everyone to know how good the CLINICAL NEGLEGENCE GROUP are and how much they have helped me.

Sam from London.

Testimonial 3

My name is Cheryl and I am 24, from Scotland. I had a very serious car accident, where my car came off the road in bad weather I slide down the side of a steep road. I ended up being in a coma for over 2 weeks and when I woke up I had no short term memory, I had severe headaches which could not be stopped with even the strongest of painkillers. The doctors just told me that it was due to the accident and I would be OK in a month or two. I wasn’t and in fact, they had completely misdiagnosed me and missed a crucial scan that would have shown that I had a blood clot which could have prevented me having a mini stoke, leaving me partially paralysed down my left hand side.

I knew that I would need some help to recover from my injuries and I started to look on the net to see what companies were out there who could help someone like me. I came across Clinical Negligence Group when I was researching the help and support that I needed right now and to also look at how I would go about finding the specialist services and advice that I needed.

The information on this site helped explain to me what I needed to do to make a clinical negligence claim and it also gave me a list of people who could help me get better and to put a claim in on my behalf. I cannot thank this site enough for helping me speak to the right people.

Cheryl, Scotland


Testimonial 4

I never expected it to be as easy as it was. I had heard all of those stories that said you would be sent from pillar to post but luckily for me I found the clinical negligence group website which explained everything that I needed to do and it even had all of the people I needed to speak to listed on its site, I found a Solicitor and a Physio all in one place. It saved me a lot of time and the pain of trying to find someone in my area. Thanks to Clinical Negligence Group I was on the road to recovery much quicker. I will recommend them to anyone who needs to make a clinical negligence claim.

Trevor 45, Newcastle

Testimonial 5

My name is JC and I have lived for many years in Newcastle having grown up in a small town near to it. I was very happy doing the thing that I love the best which is working as a rock climbing instructor. My passion was my job as I got to go on adventure holidays around the UK.

Whilst descending a rock face in Wales my equipment failed and I fell around 30 feet onto grass. The result of this was that I am now paralyzed from the waist down and I am now in a wheel chair.

After this I became very depressed and did not know which way to turn until one day I found on line the clinical negligence who I have to say have changed my life as they have found me a brilliant barrister and a negligence solicitor who eventually managed to proof that the equipment that I was using was faulty and had not been properly maintained.

Thanks to the clinical negligence group I have recently been awarded a settlement which is also thanks to the team working on my behalf including my negligence solicitor and barrister.

I have had to learn to adjust all aspects of my life however this has been made a heck of a lot easier thanks to me originally stumbering upon the clinical negligence group. My story ends with me marring recently and my wife becoming pregnant.

JC Newcastle.

Testimonial 6

My journey began after I left school and having being bullied throughout this time due to my skinny body. Looking back I know now that the bullying caused me to have low confidence about myself.

As a result of this I decided to have a boob job which I thought would make me more beautiful. I did not have much money as by this time I was working in hairdressers so I found a cosmetic clinic who offered to do the operation. The result of which was a disaster as one boob ended up bigger than the other and I developed an infection which spread around my body causing me to lose even more weight and eventually I had to go into hospital firstly to sort out the infection then again for an operation to re correct the first one. All of which caused me much stress, anxiety and around 6 months off work.

During this time I was on the net and I came across clinical negligence group who I had never heard of however after contacting them they found me a cosmetic negligence solicitor in my area who could help.

The result was that I put in a claim against my clinic and was eventually awarded a settlement which I used some of seeing a psychologist privately to help me with my body image issues. I thank clinical negligence group again for helping me to find a psychologist in my area. I would encourage anyone to contact the clinical negligence group if they have suffered in a similar way to me.

Vicky, Birmingham

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