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Neurology Specialists helping to treat problems with your brain, spinal cord and the nervous system, central motor disabilities, epilepsy and other complex paroxysmal disorders, acquired neurological disorders, neuromuscular disorders, movement disorders (including tic disorders) and other central and peripheral neurological disorders.

The treatment of patients is done by way of medication and other hands-on techniques, but does not involve the use of surgery, which would be done by other sub-specialists if necessary.

There are times when it’s hard to know which direction you need to go in or even who you need to speak to. Our Clinical Negligence gateway allows you to have direct contact with Neuropsychologists and Neuropsychiatrists who can help you with your recovery process.

  • Work with both outpatients and inpatients
  • Carry out various tests, including MRI scans and blood tests to determine a patient’s illness
  • Perform therapeutic methods of rehabilitation to help patients recover from their illnesses
  • Deal with conditions including headaches, muscles pain and brain tumours
  • Continue to research and study in order to keep up-to-date with advances in the treatment and care of patients with conditions affecting their nervous system
  • Work alongside sub-specialists of other medical disciplines
  • Work in hospital settings and specialist clinics
  • Provide a network of support for patients to help them get through such difficult times
  • Carry out your own research into neurology, if you so wish

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From Clinical Negligence, Brain & Spinal Injury Specialist, Physiotherapists, Case Managers to Barristers and QC’s.

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