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There is a wide range of equipment available enabling you to maintain your independence and assist you to continue living safely in your own home. Whether you have a permanent physical disability or a sensory need and are unable to manage everyday activities, there are equipment suppliers who can supply and install products to meet your needs.

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A range of specialist products to improve your access, mobility, safety and independence:

  • Disability Modifications can also provide advice and recommendations on a range of products not directly supplied
  • Devices that work at their optimum, how they are powered, professionally installed and integrated into rooms and the rest of the house.
  • Doors – the installation of appropriate access to the property – from width of doors – automation of doors and any adaptations to existing buildings eg: garages.
  • Planning a level access bathroom which may include, hoists, rise and fall baths and sinks, body driers, specialised or adapted toilets, level access showers and changing benches and tables.  All bathroom/kitchen adaptations are planned by an OT specialist in co9njunction with a qualified architect.
  • Integrating environmental controls to work the TV and entertainment systems, heating, and rise and fall kitchen surfaces.  This will only be recommended after a client has been fully assessed for their own level of ability and each assessment will be client specific and tailored to the client’s individual needs.
  • Hoists, and how to make movement from one room to another without making equipment the focus of a room.  This achieved by ergonomically designing a free flow ceiling track hoist system interconnecting multi rooms that will need to be accessed.
  • Floor and wall surfaces – will be recommended to the client after an assessment has been completed and also after the client’s needs have been taken in to consideration.


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