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12th Mar
Posted by: debbie

I need to help with a Clinical Negligence Claim

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WOMEN having babies in North Staffordshire are given the safest care in the country, according to national experts.

The area’s maternity unit has been ruled as the least likely for infants to come to any harm during delivery.

And the achievement has won a discount of £375,000 from the insurance premium the University Hospital of North Staffordshire must pay each year to guard against clinical negligence claims.

Its score against dozens of safety indicators gave it the top rating in the country’s group of major maternity centres.

Only two more from the total 150-plus units matched it – and they are much smaller than the Potteries complex, where a staggering 5,800 babies are born annually.

All hospitals with maternity services are accessed for Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts and given a rating of 0-3, with Level 3 being the highest.

Only 20 trusts nationwide achieved Level 3 and just three, including the University Hospital of North Staffordshire, scored 49 out of 50 in its assessment.

UHNS midwifery head Karen Meadowcroft said: “This is a fabulous achievement for all our women who choose to give birth in Stoke-on-Trent.

“The staff have worked incredibly hard and to have received a near perfect score is beyond what any of us could have imagined.

“It will give mums across Staffordshire the knowledge that the service we provide here is among the very best.”

The discount will slash the trust’s insurance payments from £7.7 million to just over £7.3 million for the financial year starting next month. The savings will be ploughed into patient care at the complex.

Among indicators under assessment were staffing levels of midwives, obstetricians and anaesthetists, numbers of incidents and complaints, the care of women in labour, screening of their mental health and whether they are supported to breast feed.

Shelley Wilson who have birth to Louie five months ago described the care as ‘brilliant’. The 31-year-old, from Cornwallis Street in Stoke, said: “The place was absolutely amazing.

“I had an emergency section and I was there for five days. The midwives were so caring and professional throughout and I always knew I was in expert hands.

“Even though there are so many babies born there, I got a really personal service and they make every mum feel she is very special.”

The five-year-old maternity centre recently became one of the first in the NHS to have consultants on site through the weekend.

Serving a catchment population of 2.25 million people it has just started to provide a specialist service for mums from Mid-Cheshire.

Thanks to its 23-place neonatal intensive care unit, babies survive despite being born at 24 weeks gestation weighing just over a pound.

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