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Wheel of Health

Specialism: Any
Package Level: Platinum
Address: 119 Willowbourne Fleet , Hampshire , Hampshire
01252 623658

Company Profile

Wheel of Health Ltd has been established for nearly 10 years and has developed a clinical case load addressing to seek the needs of clients who often have complex needs and require specialist interventions in the fields of wheelchair provision and associated postural management. Ensuring that this type of intervention is client specific can maximise function, enhance rehabilitative opportunities and reduce the risk of the development of tissue trauma and reduced systemic function that is so often associated with poor posture management. In order to increase the benefits of this intervention we also consider and assess for allied areas of provision such as lying posture, provision of extended mobility solutions, appropriate transfer techniques.

The ‘Wheel of Health’ philosophy is that the best outcome for the client is achieved when the clinical specialist is involved in the whole process from initial assessment through to the handover and final set up of the recommended equipment. This would include any necessary ‘positioning’ training with the client and their care givers such that maximum benefit can be achieved. Additionally it is evidenced that regular, programmed postural reviews, at intervals appropriate to individual client need, are required to maintain the fullest possible on-going benefit and enhanced functionality.

We also believe passionately in the merits of multi-disciplinary practice so that appropriate compromises can be implemented and fully agreed by the client, their advocate(s) and other professionals involved.

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