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5th Mar
Posted by: debbie

Advise on brain injury claim in the UK

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A STUDENT who received a blow to the head during rugby training but was days later sent on to play a match suffered brain damage as a result.

Such was the extent of Lucas Neville’s injuries after the game that at one stage he received the last rites from a priest. He is now suing his school and hospital for €5m.

Mr Neville was 18 when he suffered serious head injuries while playing for a few minutes at the end of a school rugby match four years ago.

He was called on as a sub in that game just 17 days after receiving an accidental knee in the head during rugby training, the High Court heard.

Mr Neville (22) had acted in films from the age of six, recorded TV commercials and was on the second rugby team of St Michael’s College, Ailesbury Road, Dublin, before he suffered the injuries in November 2009, the High Court heard.

He was a Leaving Certificate student when called from the bench at the end of the match against St Mary’s Rathmines on November 28, 2009. He suffered another blow to the head during that game and collapsed on the edge of the pitch after the match ended.

His mother had told the school about him being concussed after getting the knee in the head during training on November 11, 2009, and was assured the school’s protocol preventing any student with head injuries participating in contact sports for 21 days afterwards would be implemented, the court also heard.

Mr Neville believed he was on the sub’s bench and would not have to play but he was asked to come on at the end of the match, his counsel, Denis McCullough, said.

The initial injury of November 11 had caused chronic bleeding and the second injury, a blow to his head, caused an acute bleed and the “real and substantial difficulties” suffered by Mr Neville, counsel said.

Mr Neville (22), of Pembroke Lawns, Ballsbridge, Dublin, has sued the school alleging it owed him a duty of care. He has also sued a nominee of St Vincent’s Healthcare Group as owner of St Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin over alleged negligence.

Liability has been admitted and the case is before Mr Justice Sean Ryan for assessment of damages only.


The damages claim includes a claim for €2.6m to meet future care costs and for almost €1m for loss of earnings.

It is alleged Mr Neville, due to his injuries, will never work competitively but he is striving to do as well as he can. He has completed six Leaving Certificate subjects since his surgery and hopes to study Applied Psychology.


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