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Blog / Latest News

31st Mar
Posted by: debbie

The Puzzle of Medical Malpractice Payouts

Clinical Negligence Claims advice Forbes Reports A great majority of payouts (fully 96% in 2013) happen as a result of a settlement, as opposed to following a trial verdict.   In fact, when doctors insist on going to trial they actually win a quite solid majority of cases.  Why, then, do they settle?  In part [...]

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26th Mar
Posted by: debbie

Medical Negligence Solicitors Back Warning Over Needless Amputations

Click here for advice on you Medical Negligence Claim   Digital Reports   Clinical negligence solicitors at Coles Miller are backing a new government report warning that thousands of patients may be facing limb amputations that are not needed. The All Party Parliamentary Group on Vascular Disease says too many patients are losing their [...]

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19th Mar
Posted by: debbie

How can I make a Medical Negligence Claim

Click here for advice on you Medical Negligence Claim Web Reference: WITH over 30 years of experience in leading many of the country’s most sensitive medical negligence cases, Swansea-based JCP Solicitors has gained a reputation as one of the leading law firms in this field in Wales. As the firm’s Medical Negligence team welcomes its [...]

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19th Mar
Posted by: debbie

Mayo Baxter – Case Study

Karim Mohamed, in his blog of 6 December 2013, highlighted the importance of the Court of the Appeal’s decision in the case of Mitchell – v – Newsgroup International handed down on 27 November 2013.  The fallout from the decision continues and litigants are left facing a landscape fraught with dangers and uncertainties. Parties to [...]

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13th Mar
Posted by: debbie

Information on dental negligence claims

Click here to read more on Dental Negligence Claims   Chichester Observer Reports   LEGAL CORNER: Medical mistakes can happen, but trained lawyers are there to help Hospitals, clinicians and general practice doctors often have a difficult and stressful job and many thousands of treatments every year are conducted by them, mostly successful and without [...]

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